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It is difficult to know precisely when the inn was built.
Before 1820, the only inns in the region were at Chailly.
Alfred Sensier, friend of Théodore Rousseau and a historian of Barbizon, gives the date of 1824.

During this period the Ganne welcomed the Ledieu brothers, Brascassat, Corot, Rousseau, Diaz, Nanteuil, etc…

This large house is the current Barbizon School.

Luck has had it that the newspaper “L’Illustration” published a full report in 1853, illustrated with engravings, showing the pictorial treasures hidden inside this modest inn, the major part of which has come miraculously down to us.

The very serious Revue des Arts published in 1854 a guided tour of the three ground floor rooms and detailed the decorations.

Has have helped us reconstruct the rooms at the inn at its most brilliant period.
The painted furniture and panels and the way the rooms are presented are a good representation of the painters’ inn.
The restoration of the upper floor started in 1990, has revealed decoration painted or drawn by the artists when staying in the rooms.

Sightseeing in Seine-et-Marne: Painting and Sculpture in 77
Sightseeing in Seine-et-Marne: Painting and Sculpture in 77
French culture, art, museums in seine-et-marne

Three exhibits show the work of the Barbizon School with landscape and animal themes.

A very attractive audiovisual presentation takes you back to the time of the painters of the Barbizon School Leaving behind them Parisian studios and academicism, the "painted in Ganne" came together in the Auberge de Barbizon to paint "sur le motif" and for very bohemian parties.

Musée municipal de l'Ecole de Barbizon "Auberge Ganne"
92, Grande rue
77630 Barbizon
Tel: +33 (0)1 60 66 22 27

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