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The Rentilly estate dates back to the 16th century, but was bought in 1890 by the industrialist Gaston Menier, the then owner of the Noisiel chocolate factory. Turkish baths, the trophy room and homes for the wardens were built. The delightful landscape of the English-style park with sumptuous features is laid out in the heart of the valley of the Brosse. The former château was destroyed in 1944 and rebuilt in the 1950s in the "Directory" style. Today, the common quarters of the château, renovated by architects Patrick Mauger and Huet - ville et architecture, are a fitting home for the new cultural centre. The document library has a choice location in the orangery, while the arts centre makes impressive use of the turkish baths and trophy room, the stable houses a living arts area and the barns where studios host artists.
French culture, art, museums in seine-et-marne
Sightseeing in Seine-et-Marne: Museums in 77
Sightseeing in Seine-et-Marne: Museums in 77
French culture, art, museums in seine-et-marne

The estate, fully renovated by the Marne et Gondoire regional council, has hosted the unusual and original "PrinTemps de paroles" festival for some years now - the first step in opening up this cultural centre to a broader public.
This innovative cultural area now invites you to a new first: the centre for contemporary art is hosting Regional Fund for the Contemporary Art of the Ile de France (FRAC) exhibitions - an ideal opportunity to explore this unmissable venue.

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