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Saint Loup de Naud is one of the most beautiful Romanesque buildings in the Ile de France. This magnificent church was a place of pilgrimage for the Counts of Champagne, who came to pray to the relics of Saint Loup, the bishop of Sens.

The church was completed thanks to the donations of Henri le Libéral, Count of Champagne. Dating from the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the church of Saint Loup de Naud has a cradle-vault roof.

There is a superb entrance in primitive Gothic style, sheltered under a porch richly decorated with sculpture. The spandrel shows a Christ in Majesty surrounded by the symbols of the evangelists. The sides of the entrance are occupied by the first example of column-shaped saints and prophets, a new idea for that time.

This spectacular door is similar to the royal door at Chartres Cathedral, and it counts among the treasures of Gothic art in the Ile de France.

French churches, cathedrals, chapels, religious monuments in seine-et-marne
Religious buildings in Seine-et-Marne: Churches, abbeys, cathedrals, chapels
Religious buildings in Seine-et-Marne: Churches, abbeys, cathedrals, chapels
French churches, cathedrals, chapels, religious monuments in seine-et-marne

French churches, cathedrals, chapels, religious monuments in seine-et-marneUseful information:

Afternoons at Saint Loup de Naud

Every year, this festival honours baroque music in the incomparable setting of the Romanesque church at Saint Loup de Naud. The first concert is scheduled for Saturday 15th September at 5.30 pm.
This will be an important event, because the viole d’Orphée, (Orpheus viol) a now extinct instrument dating from the second half of the seventeenth century, and recently re-built for the first time in France by the Strasbourg violin maker Dominique Fréguin, is to be presented. It is the only instrument in the history of violin making that has metal strings. "Comedia", a contemporary work by David del Puerto, will be played, with the soloists of the Lachrimae Consort and the Folia de Madrid. The second concert, at 7 pm, is the première of "The Wish of Louis XIII".
This tells the story of when Louis XIII, who had no heir, made a wish imploring God for a dauphin, and his wish was granted, in the shape of the future Louis XIV. These works will be sung by the soloists of the "A Sei Voci" ensemble and the Lachrimae Consort instrumental group, after which there will be a dinner in the company of the musicians. On Sunday September 16th there will be a concert at 11 am: "Baroque lute music and Court Airs from the reign of Louis XIII", with voices and instruments in music by Lambert and Boësset.
The church at Lourps, a village not far from Longueville, will hold 3 free concerts in succession over the afternoon. This concert, entitled "Music of the Angels" will present works by Vivaldi, Lidle and Frantz. On 5 October, The church of the Marêts will present a concert entitled"Music from the time of Louis the child King (Louis XIV)".

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