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28km east of Paris, in the heart of the green, welcoming countryside of Marne et Gondoire, Lagny-sur-Marne cultivates all the charm of a provincial town - pretty, friendly and lively. Its buildings, geography and shops are all attractive. This medieval town has many historical monuments including the Town Hall which is located on the site of the Saint-Pierre abbey, and the Notre-Dame-des-Ardents abbey church. The Riverside House is a base from which strollers and boaters can enjoy the Marne and its surroundings. The typical Brie patchwork scenery of fields and forests has inspired writers and painters alike, making Lagny-sur-Marne a town of artists. A centre for shoppers, the pace of Lagny-sur-Marne life is centred on its town centre stores and the market which dates back to medieval Champagne fairs.

Curiosities, tourism in seine-et-marne near Disneyland: traditional towns, villagesThings to see:

Historic town centre
The Town Hall is built on the site of the former Saint-Pierre Abbey Nothing remains of the ancient Merovingian monastery today; the existing buildings were constructed between 1755 and 1765 and subsequently rebuilt. On the ground floor, the vaulted arches of the cloisters surround the patio. The wedding and celebration rooms date from 1896 and 1936 respectively. The building, with its brick and stone architecture, is on the secondary list of historic buildings.
The Saint-Pierre Abbey church, Notre-Dame-des-Ardents, was built during the first half of the 13th century. The incomplete church has the choir and two pillars of the transept. Originally built to be the Abbey chapel, today it is the parish church of Lagny-sur-Marne.

Curiosities, tourism in seine-et-marne near Disneyland: traditional towns, villages
Curiosities in Seine-et-Marne near Disneyland, 77: historical, traditional towns
Curiosities in Seine-et-Marne near Disneyland, 77: historical, traditional towns
Curiosities, tourism in seine-et-marne near Disneyland: traditional towns, villages

The Fountain and Five Gables
The Saint-Fursy fountain has long marked the centre of the town. It is mentioned as far back as the 13th century. The spring which supplies it is said to have been the result of one of Saint Fursy's miracles. In the background, the "Five Gables" building (12th and 16th centuries) is a hall which used to house the merchants from the town of Ypres at the Champagne fairs.

The Neo-impressionists
The four Neo-impressionists of the Lagny Group, Léo Gausson, Emile-Gustave, Cavallo-Péduzzi, Maximilien Luce and Lucien Pissarro heightened the brilliance and colour of the banks of the Marne. In contrast to the spontaneous interpretations of the harmony of nature, they implemented the more technical, scientifically-inspired school of divisionism, better known as pointillism. Instead of mixing pigments on the palette, the picture was made up of tiny brushstrokes of colour on the canvas.
Cavallo-Péduzzi lived in Lagny-sur-Marne for 15 years on the rue Macheret and then the route de Tournan (now the rue Cavallo-Péduzzi).
Léon Gausson was born in the Five Gables building on the Place de la Fontaine.
These avant-garde artists made Lagny-sur-Marne an artistic capital for the Lagny Fine Arts Salon (1889-1904 and 1927-1938), which attracted many artists including Edouard Cortès and Henri Lebasque.

Collection of Lagny Group Neo-impressoinist paintings
Gatien-Bonnet Museum

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